Jennifer Franzke is a multi-time international museum exhibited painter. In her works you will find a unique link between mythical creatures, animals, architecture and Pop Art.

In the newest episode of Award-winning Photographers, we asked Albert Chen about his experience of photo awards.

Roman Königshofer is a landscape and adventure sport photographer. He also deals with film making as well as visual content creation in general.

Kohei Ueno is a Singapore based award-winning nature photographer. He uses the technique of freediving to get to the special locations of his photography. Through his works,  his audience witnesses a breath-taking view of the underwater world.

Daniel Laan is professional landscape photographer from the Netherlands, who is passionate about conveying ethereal qualities through both photography and post-processing. His turbulent mind finds serenity in the outdoors and comes alive through a dark and moody visual style which he teaches in photography workshops held throughout Europe

As the second episode of our new blog series which is called “Award-winning Photographers”, we had the chance to ask Martin Krystynek about his experience of photo awards. Martin Krystynek is an award-winning portrait photographer with a very special visual style.