Interview with Lea Jade About her Artistic routine

As the first episode of our new blog series which called “Daily Routine of a Painter “, we asked Lea Jade how does she manage her artistic life daily.

Lea Jade is a multi-time exhibited synesthetic painter. In other words, she translates music to visual forms and paint them on canvas.

What does your daily routine look like?

I don’t have a routine. My freedom is very important to me and I love to spend my day freely. When I start painting, the music always starts. This is the only routine I have in my painting process.


Creativity has ups and downs. How do you stay inspired?

Ups and downs are very important to keep developing new creativity. It is like breathing. Sometimes it takes a long breath and it is important to learn to deal with it. Fortunately, I have several areas of interest that are mutually inspiring: music, painting, meditation, traveling.

Lea Jade Traum

How did you choose the style of your painting?

My style practically developed by itself. Since I work quickly and want to transport my music on canvas in many shifts, I need large areas, a lot of color and the right material. So, I decided to use paint rollers and acrylic paints because they dry quickly. So, I have the opportunity to address many aspects in music and to depict them.



How long does it take to you to finish an artwork?

On average I work on a picture for about one week.



How much time do you spend to create a concept or plan an artwork a day?

I don’t work conceptually. I am a synesthete, which means I hear music and perceive colors at the same time. Then I transfer the music onto the canvas layer by layer.

Do you do the same thing every day or is your schedule random?

My pictures are like my everyday life: colorful, unpredictable and with depth. I am always looking for depth in life.

If you have a schedule, are you good to keep it?

I am a structured and organized person. I like to specify periods of time in which I want to achieve the goals of my own. Even under time pressure, I dedicate myself completely to my painting, music and experience freedom. In summary, this means that I also dive into the given time I have imposed on myself, in which I let my creativity run free.

Do you work on multiple works at the same time?
I only work on one picture at a time and concentrate fully on it.



“My art is intuitive and soulful and the synesthetic conversion of sound into color. For me it is important, that people FEEL my paintings, not UNDERSTAND them.” Lea

Lea Jade


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