Eco-Friendly Artists and Corporations

What do BlackRock, Carlsberg and Adidas Have in Common? BlackRock has stated recently that it is seeking a tenfold increase in the assets dedicated to sustainable investments in the coming decade. The Carlsberg Group is making moves toward a cradle-to-cradle system for its packaging. Adidas contributes to solving the problem of ocean plastics by selling shoes made of recycled materials.  


What Came First, Eco-Friendly Artists or Eco-Friendly Corporations? 

When it comes to the environment, every little helps. It is easy to say that those stated efforts should have come earlier. Why not simply following the examples of eco-friendly artists and corporations? 

© Hans Braxmeier

Famous Eco-Friendly Artists 

Bettina Werner is world-renowned for her art made 100% with salt. For her, salt is equal to wisdom and she has been using it for more than 30 years as the 5th element. Salt has been important for humanity throughout history. Salt has once been more expensive than gold and was used as currency by several ancient cultures. So why not using this pure and bright material for artworks. 

For more than 20 years, Andy Goldsworthy has been using natural materials for his art, such as wood from Monterey cypress and invasive eucalyptus trees, icicles, mud, flower petals and stones.  

Patrick Dougherty’s eco-friendly sculptures are made of woven saplings. He started creating his living artworks back in 1982, when he showed “Maple Body Wrap” to the public in North Carolina. 

Belgium artist Win Delvoye produces art from used car tyres. 

Jeff Hong is an illustrator who lets some of Disney’s most popular characters fight against some of the biggest problems on earth. He placed Cinderalla in a dark, dirty alley; Mermaid Ariel appeared out of the ocean slick with an oil spill; Bambi‘s head was chopped off and ended up on wall as decoration; Mulan covered her beautiful face with a face mask somewhere in a contaminated city in Asia. Jeff Hong is urging us to watch the current conditions we are living in. 

Being a strong believer in a sustainable future, Ruth Wallen creates multimedia artworks that raise awareness of ecological issues. Her works point out the long-term vitality of ecological systems by encouraging dialogue and motivating society to take action.  

Canadian artist Aurora Robson creates stunning sculptures out of waste. Her artworks remind of abstract organisms. She was based in New York for over 20 years and is aware of the waste issues in big urban environments. Other famous artists have also been working with waste for a long time: Marina DeBris, Gavin Turk, Leo Sewell, Tim Noble and Sue Webster. 

UK artist Ptolemy Elrington takes lost hubcaps from the sides of highways to form aquatic inspired sculptures. 

Georgina Maxwell started over 20 years ago cleaning beaches around the world, collecting plastics out of the oceans to create artworks and installations. 

Even earlier in time, Joan Miró, the Spanish artist who died in 1983 and spent his last years on the island of Mallorca collected objects that served as materials for sculptures. 

© Jonathan Borba

Ecology is Equal to Innovation 

Are you an eco-friendly artist or corporation? At ARTOUI, we are always looking for new, innovative and eco-friendly solutions for artists and art collectors.

We are constantly looking for artists who are interested in working with eco-friendly materials. Please contact us or leave a comment below. 


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Eco-Friendly Artists and Corporations

What do BlackRock, Carlsberg and Adidas Have in Common? What came first, eco-friendly artists or eco-friendly corporations? When it comes to the environment, every little helps...

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