At ARTOUI, we respect artists and their work. Based on this foundation, we have built up trust, which we value more than anything. It is very important to us that our artists feel carried by our curation work. Artists should focus on the creation process.

Episode #2. In this episode, Daniel talks about the multi-awarded, talented landscape photographer Magali Chesnel.

Art achieves record prices at auctions. The art market has been generating stable returns over decades. So why do most art investment funds disappoint investors?

Episode #1. What is 1 Minute Art? Why 60 seconds? Which art topics are covered? What happens when time is up?

Art is different from most traditional investments like shares or real estate. Artworks do not produce regular income. In addition, storing and insuring art costs money. So how do collectors benefit from their collections?

Art centers around the creation of works whose value is difficult to measure in monetary terms.
Over the years, we have been collecting price drivers and factors that are relevant for artists and art collectors alike…