What is 1 Minute Art?

What is 1 Minute Art? Why 60 seconds? Which art topics are covered? What happens when time is up? The world is turning faster and faster. Should artists and art lovers follow the pace?

 1 Minute Art delivers an instant, quick portion of art related topics in a fun and entertaining way.

Watch the video and you will find the first answers to some of the questions above. Stay tuned, watch more episodes and you will know why we love to present 1 Minute Art to artists and art lovers.

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Dasha Pears | Introduces Fine Art Photographer Gabriel Isak

Episode #11.In this very special episode Fine Art Photographer Dasha Pears introduces an interesting Swedish artist, who uses photography as a medium to create surreal images, in a very minimal and graphic style. His name is Gabriel Isak. If you are interested in his artworks, then click on the video.

Iness Rychlik | Fine Art Photography

In this episode Andràs talks about a Polish photographer, who has extraordinary style of self-portraits. Her name is Iness Rychlik.

Kai Stuht | Fine Art Photography

Episode #4. Today`s episode is about Kai Stuht. An exceptional German photographer with his own style and very interesting projects.

Fine Art Photographer | Dasha Pears and Her Inspiration

Episode #10. In this special edition of 1 Minute Art, Dasha Pears introduces herself. She tells us about her artistic approach and about her inspirations. If you would like to know why is her work so outstanding, then watch this episode.

Dasha Pears | Fine Art Photography

In today`s episode Andràs introduces a Russian photographer who has a deep conceptual approach to portrait photography. Her name is Dasha Pears. If you are interested in her art, please watch the video.

Michael Griesbeck | Painter

Episode #6. In this episode Daniel introduces an interesting German painter, who treats colours in a very special way.

How is Blockchain Changing the Art World

Episode #6. In today`s episode, Daniel talks about appearance of the blockchain in the art market. If you are interested in his opinion, please watch the video.

Instagram Engagement

Episode #5. Ben shares his thoughts about one of the most important key elements to success on Instagram.